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Spring 2022

The graduate working group holds four meetings (more if they’d like) during the semester. Meetings can be in person or remote as university regulations allow. Students will workshop drafts of articles and/or chapters of ongoing work related to the dissertation. At the end of the semester (April 27), students will forward the names of three scholars in the field whom they consider interlocutors. These scholars should be emerging intellectuals who will engage our community over a two-day period in October-November of the fall (2022) semester. The CES board will choose one person to invite to campus for a public lecture and then on the following day, a workshop with the students in the graduate working group.

Marketa A. Burnett

Department of Psychology

Claire Bunschoten

Department of American Studies

Kiara Childs

Department of Communication

Michael Levine

Department of Music

Jose Manuel Moreno

Department of History